Thursday, October 21, 2010


Week 6 NFL News

Well week 6 of the NFL already and time is breezing by. My blogging has declined lately due to work and family committments.

Here is some of my top NFL news picks from week 6:

The NFL will clamp down on helmet-to-helmet hits by issuing suspensions rather than fines. - there were some huge hits this week, and after all the brain injury stories in last year it's about time the NFL got tough on this.

Here are the Week 6 NFL Scores:

Jets 24 Broncos 20
Raiders 9 49ers 17
Cowboys 21 Vikings 24
Colts 27 Redskins 24
Browns 10 Steelers 28
Saints 31 Bucs 6
Chiefs 31 Texans 35
Ravens 20 Patriots 23 (OT)
Dolphins 23 Packers 20 (OT)
Falcons 17 Eagles 31
Chargers 17 Rams 20
Lions 20 Giants 28
Seahawks 23 Bears 20

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