Friday, August 31, 2007


Thankfully preseason comes to a close this weekend

Thankfully preseason comes to a close this weekend. I'll be glad to see the end of these meaningless preseason games this week and get back to some real football games.

It is the fourth and final week of the NFL preseason, and it is likely that everybody is ready to get things rolling. Me too. Preseason is meaningless, and so are my preseason predictions. I have already received some emails regarding last week's picks, which shows the passion that fans really do have. But it is just that. Preseason. It is tough enough to pick the regular season games, let alone ones where most of the regulars hardly even play.

I am ready to take on all comers again this year, and emails with your thoughts and analysis are very welcome. I have taken a lot of playful abuse over the last couple of years, mainly due to jealousy of my football knowledge. That is understandable. However, it is not my fault that I happen to know more than you, and once again it will be proven this year. But that is part of the fun with this column. I will pick four preseason games this week, and then on to the regular season.

As always, home team in CAPS.

NEW ENGLAND 4 New York Giants
It is certainly a plus that Asante Samuel is now signed, but I still have some questions with the Patriots defensive backfield. That might be their only weakness though. They should be ready to roll, at least through the regular season. I am not so sure about the Giants. It looks like Michael Strahan is going to end his "retirement", but I think the Giants' offense is going to be the key, specifically Eli Manning. The Patriots should win this preseason finale though.
Patriots 20-13

MINNESOTA 1 1/2 Dallas
These two teams have a lot of issues, but being in the NFC is going to help. The Vikings just don't have a lot of talent, but their weak division is going to be a factor. As for the Cowboys, I think they are overrated. I think they have issues on offense, defense and coaching. I think their defense will be good, but probably not enough to carry them too far. And new coach Wade Phillips has not had a lot of success, and he has had his share of chances. Still, take the Cowboys here, as they are the better team, preseason or not.
Cowboys 23-17

SAN DIEGO 3 San Francisco
I don't seem to hear a lot of people talking about the Chargers in the AFC, but I think I know why. Norv Turner, plain and simple. He has had very little success as an NFL head coach, but he has so much talent in San Diego it might not matter. The Chargers are going to be a force in the AFC, and could very well go deep into the playoffs this year. The 49ers might well make the playoffs too. Defensive upgrades, a strong offense and mediocre division all play factors in San Francisco. They should be a team to watch. But don't watch them this week.
Chargers 26-14

NEW ORLEANS 1 1/2 Miami
The Saints look to be pretty good this year, and being an NFC team, they could have playoff aspirations. They do have Carolina in their division, which should be their main competition. The Dolphins are a big question mark. An entire new coaching staff, and questionable talent on both sides of the ball. I think Trent Green will help, but not that much. Take the Saints here. Why not?
Saints 20-10

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