Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Sam’s a Ram and other Big Draft Picks

First round of the NFL draft
is in the books (I’m currently watching right now), and all 32 NFL
teams are hoping they improved with the moves they made. In any
case, some teams took the ‘sure thing’ while others chose to gamble
and are hoping to hit the jackpot like they’re playing at
no deposit casinos.

The biggest news was made when
the St. Louis decided not to pass on an elite quarterback prospect for
a third straight year by taking Oklahoma’s
Sam Bradford. It’s difficult to predict
how Bradford will do on a 1-15 team, but the Rams obviously overlooked
his injury issues when drafting.

Detroit was looking to shore
up their horrendous defense (especially against the run) with the second
pick. They took DT Ndamukong Suh from Nebraska hoping that his
lack of quickness isn’t an issue when plugging the middle

The first risky pick took place
at number four where the Washington Redskins drafted OT Trent Williams.
Williams is definitely a talent and is exactly what Shanahan wants at
left tackle, but his work ethic was questionable at Oklahoma.

Cleveland looked to bolster
one of the NFL’s worst secondaries with the selection of Florida cornerback
Joe Haden. Haden isn’t polished yet, but he does have a lot
of upside and could turn into a great defender in a season or two.

Many people were scratching
their heads after Buffalo took running back C.J. Spiller with the 9th
pick. Spiller is definitely a great playmaker, but Marshawn Lynch
and Fred Jackson are also on the roster. Could a trade be in order?

With the twelfth pick, San
Diego took the first player from a non-BCS school when they drafted
RB Ryan Mathews. LaDainian Tomlinson is off to the Jets so Darren
Sproles obviously needed some help carrying the load.

Another interesting pick I
saw in the first round was the Giants taking South Florida DE Jason
Pierre-Paul. Pierre-Paul has the most upside of anybody, but he
is also the least experienced player in the draft (he didn’t start
playing until his junior year of HS). It will take forever for
him to develop in my opinion.

One final pick I’d like to
mention was Florida QB Tim Tebow going 25th to Denver.
And the Broncos must have really saw something in Tebow that nobody
else did because they gave up their second, third, and fourth round
picks to get him.

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